The Basics:

What is an eGift Card?

An eGift Card is an electronically minted and delivered gift cards sent to the email address of your choosing. They can be purchased at and are redeemable at both Snapper’s Sea Grill and 1200 Chophouse.

Is there a minimum amount and/or maximum amount I can put on a gift card? 

The minimum of our cards are able to hold is $2 the Maximum is $800

Can gift cards be ordered by telephone?      

We at Snapper’s Sea Grill and 1200 Chophouse are only offering gift card sales in person (physical gift card) or online (eGift Card). Ego, phone purchases are currently unavailable.

What are the advantages of an eGift Card?

There are several advantages eGift Cards hold over traditional plastic ones. They free up space in your wallet for instance. Since eGift Cards are sent through email and your phone has access to that email you will always have the eGift Card on you. eGift Cards are also the perfect last-minute gift weather you live in or out of town. Their creation and travel time are as fast as you can go to the website, type in the information and hit send (much faster than the mail). Furthermore, the gift cards can be scheduled to be sent at a specific date and time to be right on time for any occasion. 

Buying & Sending eGift Cards

Can I change the value of my gift card purchase or cancel the transaction?

The Values of eGift Cards cannot be added to. Furthermore, all gift card transactions are final upon closing of the transaction.

Can I send myself eGift Cards since I want to give them to my friends, colleagues, and family?

Yes, Gift Cards can be sent to both the recipient and purchasing email. When purchasing the eGift Card just fill in the recipient email box with your email.

How will the recipient know that I sent them an eGift Card?

An email will be sent to the recipient of the eGift Card indicating that an eGift Card has been sent to them. In this email the recipient will see the value on the eGift Card along with the personalized message filled in by the sender.

How long does it take for an eGift Card to reach the recipient?

The delivery of an eGift card should take anywhere from 1 – 20 minutes ideally. It my verry depending on email servers and internet connection of the sender and recipient. If the transaction takes more than 24 hours please go to the gift card section of the website and fill out the areas in the eGift Card help page. This form will email us your info and we will be in touch ASAP.

I recently purchased and sent an eGift Card, but it has not arrived. What should I do?

If you have the time, please wait the 24hours to be sure it not a technical error on either side. If it has still not arrived after 24hours, have the recipient check their spam and junk folders. If the eGift card is not in there, please fill out the required areas in the eGift Card help area of our website. If you are short on time (the recipient of the gift card is coming in tonight) please call Snappers at 727-367-3550 the hostess arrives at 4pm and will be next to the phone till 10:30pm.